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Rapid Rewriter Review Matt Carter

boxWriting articles afresh all the time can be a hectic job. Having to rewrite an article requires quite a lot of time as well. To help the process of article spinning easy and comfortable, there are many articles re-writing software available out there. Among the few, Rapid Rewriter has been greatly recognized among internet users who otherwise get bored re-writing articles themselves. Rapid rewriter lets you churn out numerous articles into perfect English, which you can submit to various article directories. This software not only acts as a good article spinner, but also provides an exceptional way to spin articles. Generating links and traffic to a website is what runs behind the mind of an Internet marketer. To do this fresh contents that are SEO minded are required to be submitted to various directories online. The difficult part of this is to create contents that are unique and informative as well.

bb2-150x150To cope up with this problem, smart marketers have devised new software that could spin articles in perfect English. Rapid rewriter, as the name suggests comes up with unique features such as the ability to support word, sentence, snippet-spinning, insertion of words randomly, HTML and includes customizable thesaurus. The most noteworthy point about Rapid Rewriter is that of the resulting spun articles, which seem to be in comprehensible English rather than a scrambled gibberish. It helps spin sentences, not just words without any hassle. There is no way for duplicate contents here. Not just one or two, you can create hundreds of unique articles and even more than that. The built in thesaurus in this software is an added advantage, which lets you choose synonym words easily. It allows preview option where you can check the article in HTML format. It also supports the addition of images to your articles, which you can use over web 2.0 properties. Rapid rewrite does the work for you. You don’t have to keep posting the resulting spun articles to various directories. You can submit the articles to various directories via Rapid Rewriter. Mac Users can now feel happy as this software operates over Mac as well. Break the hassle of rewriting articles on your own. Make use of Rapid Rewriter and create chunks of unique articles easily.