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ppcbullyOften, weare curious to know what our competitors are doing and how are they making their products a success. Pay Per Click Bully (PPC Bully) is the most advanced tool dedicated to keyword research, that allows us to see what others are doing. The product, which helps by coaching the customers on effective keyword making, was developed by a team of R&D specialists from Israel, comes with three items. Firstly, the Pay Per Click Bully product, that has top converting keywords, ads, sites and offers. Secondly, the Content Bully, that helps one find highly targeted websites. Lastly, the Coaching section that contains training programs with Ran Aroussi that reach beyond basics and include killer strategies to increase one’s Revenue of income.

The co-founder of PPC Bully, Emil Paz also offers the customers with multiple bonuses like, Niche Finding Blueprint, Rational to Emotional words converter, Bully mega list, Color Reports etc. The Niche Finding Blueprint comes with six cutting edge strategies. The Rational to Emotional words converter is called the “cheat sheet” that is basically a dictionary having hundreds of rational words and its emotional counterparts. 

The Bully mega list includes 3 lists, the Niches list, the Top 100 searched-for keywords and 100 CPC keywords. The color report is based on the fact that colors have a deep emotional effect on people.      

If these were not enough, the PPC Bully also ropes in other gifts to the customers, like Traffic Travis, Speed PPC Pro, Master Samurai, White Smoke, Stats Junkey, Double Digit CTR etc. Paz is providing the users with a limited period offer i.e. if the product is not successful in the first six months, the customer can avail the next six month usage for free! However, the product is expensive and requires monthly charges. Returns however, may not be guaranteed.


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