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Lisa Cameron's Cash For Cleanouts Review! Is a Scam?



Of many moneymaking tactics, this one is really unique. Who would have thought that cleaning foreclosures brings in thousands of dollars every month? One would never have imagined earning high income in the foreclosure business.

The author Lisa Cameron offers a blueprint that helps in making it big in the trash out cleaning business in one’s locality. She states, “Any one can clean but knowing whom to contact, getting the clients and following the correct blueprint is the key to success”. The secrets in the course are mere covert tactics that nobody else knows.



The increase in number of properties in foreclosure is driven by the general slowing of the overall housing sales. The work order is guaranteed for an independent contractor who needs to visit the property, remove the debris, cleanout the property, change the locks, board up the broken windows etc. Methods to perform all the above procedures are detailed in this Cash for Cleanouts step-by-step course. Video training is also provided to ensure success for the buyers.       

The blueprint also covers how to get started quick and easy and to get business the smart but not hard way. Cameron asserts that no expensive advertising is necessary and as there is high demand for this business, one need not even lease offices but can work from home. The course helps the users with organizing each job so as to finish them faster and thereby, to earn more profits. One also learns how to set up a team of sub-contractors. The digital download comes with a 256-page blueprint with photographs, videos and community forms to insure one’s success. The additional bonuses include a Photo Pay Day copy, Bob Proctor’s ‘You were born rich’ and a guide to real estate investing manifests. The product is expensive and amateurs may not be able to grasp the tactics easily.


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