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John Templeton's TRADING IN THE BUFF Review Is a Scam?

regularbook250 Many strategies have been invented, discovered, developed and tested in the field of Forex Trading. John Templeton, author of Trading in the Buff, takes the ‘less is more’ approach to success in the forex market. It is almost obvious that the magical indicators that are often over priced but do not work. He advises the people not to waste money on the indicators but rather buy his product. The main strategy behind the product is ‘price action’. He asks the traders to use their own eyes as the best indicator to study the history of the markets and the trends that made many traders successful.

Seemingly, market prices have patterns that are repeated over and over again, which can be used to forecast future movements. With this manual, no need to spend money on indicators, trading robots and useless software. Templeton enlightens his readers on how to forecast when the price would go up and spot the fake moves. In addition, how to trade within the trend and see the underlying reasons why the forex market moves the way it does. The Trading in the Buff course focuses on Identifying the move, Spotting false moves, Finding support and resistance lines, Breaking support and resistance and different ways to trade in the forex market.       

The author highlights the way the forex market encounters high rewards to low risk ratio. The product course can be taught to anybody ranging from newbies to the forex market to experienced veterans. These methods are claimed to be straight forward and effective. The author promises money back and it is a one time payment. To relieve the doubts in many amateurs, the Templeton has also published FAQs on his website. The product may be cheap and easily accessible but trading in the forex market is subject to financial risks of all sorts.

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