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Adeel Chowdhry’s Mass Article Control Review: is it Scam

Article Marketing Today



Article Marketing has been a great technique to drive targeted traffic to your website and to get relevant quality back links that count in search engine ranking. However as Google is getting smarter every day the efficiency of classical article marketing has declined significantly. This is due to several reasons.



  1. Google allows one copy of the same article which you submit to many article directories to appear in the SERPS
  2. Google de-indexes duplicate content and keeps one copy in its index, which makes it worthless to submit same article to many sites.
  3. The use of article spinners usually produces crappy text that will not be approved by the article directory.
  4. Spinning an article makes it a bad landing page, and you can’t get conversions from the copy it contains.
  5. It will take you a long time to rewrite articles, and a lot of money if you hire somebody to do it for you.


Adeel Chowdhr was aware of all these problems and he decided to invest in a new project that will change the article marketing forever, and thus the Mass Article Control was created.

What is Mass Article Control

Mass Article Control includes two software products that are used together to get the best of article marketing.


Mass Article Creator: an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software that will rewrite you article in different ways, it can produce 1000+ different copies of your original article, and it’s different than the classical article spinner in that the results are readable and relevant text.
This software will save your time and effort that you take to write different copies of the same article.


Mass Article Submitter: the other half of the system is a software that will automatically submit your rewritten article to quality article directories, and you no longer need to go through every directory to submit your article manually. Mass Article Submitter is fast and efficient it can submit the article to 10 sites in several seconds.

By using the power of both software you can have many content pages all over the web that send both traffic and back links to your original website. Mass Article Control is an essential package if you want to dominate SERP results.