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What is FOREX?

forex.comForex stands for the foreign exchange market. A successful forex market trader buys currencies at a cheap price and sells it for higher prices. The most famous currency trading pair is EUR/USD. Other important currencies are the British pound sterling (GBP), the Japanese Yen (JPY), and the Swiss franc (CHF).

What do I need for FOREX trading?

The easiest way to participate in FOREX trading is via an Internet trading platform. The best-known online trading platform is It offers professional service for experienced traders but also support for newcomers. A special service for newbies is the demo account. Here the user can use a virtual account for testing. It uses the same rates as the real-trading accounts but the user does not invest real money. In that way, the user learns to analyze charts and predict trends, the most important skills for trading.

Who is the owner of the website? is operated by Gain Capital Group, LLC, a well-known and reliable partner for online trading that was founded in 1999. Professional traders from more than 140 countries trust in this service. The average trade volume that is supported by the Gain Group excesses $100 billion every month. The website and the Gain Capital Group are regulated and controlled by the US government.

Conclusions is a global player on the rapidly expanding forex market. It has earned the trust of traders all over the world. Here you have the opportunity to trade the most important currencies of the world. After registration on the website, you will have access to several analysis and training tools which will help you to invest with profit.