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Dry Cell Plans Review Does DryCellPlans Work?

Why Dry Cell?

cadDry Cell is the alternative more efficient solution to Wet cell which proved having some problems like large amount of voltage leakage around the edges of the stainless plates, which dissipates a lot of power and decrease the amount of HHO that is produced. This problem is solved when using the dry cell plates which produces more hydrogen and consumes fewer amps. Also the dry cell design produces less heat than the water4gas generator.


Dry Cell Plans

To build a Dry Cell you need to follow an accurate and efficient design otherwise you will end up losing gas and spending too much on the required parts. Today there is Dry Cell Plans which is a complete program to build Dry Cell created by Punch HHO. The website explains using videos, Images and text content all the stages of building your dry cell yourself. The guide mentions all the parts needed for the project and also offers selling you the complete set of parts needed. The system also contains many bonuses like the highly coveted Micro Torch.

Dry Cell plans contain many useful information about HHO and they provide good support in case you have any question.

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