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Forex Auto Money Scam or True? Forex AutoMoney Review

Thursday, 21 May 2009 20:40


What is Forex AutoMoney?

forex_automoneyForex Automoney is a new membership site that will send you signals or advices about which trade to make when you are investing in forex. The signals are sent on an inter-daily, daily, and weekly basis. Based on the signal you will know that certain pair trade will make you money and you will do the trade.



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Jason Kelly’s Day Trading Robot: Scam or Reality?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009 07:48

Who is Jason Kelley?

jasonkelly02bJason is a computer programmer with experience in stock market, he worked for a hedge fund in 2005, and he was required to build a software that uses computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyze stock market information and be able to predict which stock will sky rocket. The robot project was successfully built by a team of experts you can find its full story at the original site here. Later Jason’s programming services were no longer needed and they decided to use the software themselves. After looking for job and not finding a worthy opportunity, Jason decided to call James Holt (the designer of the robot AI algorithm) and ask him if he can use the techniques for making money from stock market for himself. James suggested that Jason use the robot on penny stock market. Jason was able to make good money from the robot at this phase.


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Friday, 15 May 2009 23:11

About Membership

TattooMeNowTattoos are beautiful and inexpensive, however if you are looking for a good tattoo design don’t rush and get caught up in the excitement of getting a tattoo, it’s easy to put it on your body, but it will be there forever. Thousands of tattoo designs are available on the internet and one of the most unique and popular service is
TattooMeNow is a big gallery where you can find many tattoo designs in addition to share your designs with existing TattooMeNow members. The member area is divided to 5 sections:

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FAP Turbo scam or best ever made forex robot

Thursday, 14 May 2009 16:59

What is FAP Turbo?

FapTurboThe FAP Turbo originally comes from a forex robot created by forex pioneer Marcus B. Leary to automatically open and close trades. The robot was doing fine and many people used to trade forex using Forex Auto Pilot until one day this software impressed a group of forex gurus while researching why robots fail to make profits in real live trades. Steve Carletti a professional IT programmer managed to meet Marcus Leary and discuss with him techniques to improve the current ForexAutoPilot FAP project. In 9 weeks of hard work and research the team was able to create the new FAP Turbo robot software, and was released for public after 2 years of back testing.

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Bill Crosby Twitter Traffic Machine Scam or True?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009 08:18



When I first started getting into the online marketing and like many people I was skeptical about the effectiveness of some traffic sources like twitter and social media, however with time I found out how wrong I was, and social media is becoming more and more integrated to the industry every day to the degree that Google recently became aware of its long term importance and started buying those site starting with digg, YouTube, and now they are planning to buy twitter.
Twitter has proved itself over the past couple of years to be one of the highest traffic drivers all over the web. The power of twitter traffic was exploited by many gurus like Bill Crosby from its early days and to this very day.

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