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File Helper Review Is good? Or Scam?

box3Opening files on windows can be very frustrating if your registry is full of errors and incorrect configurations, to correct this you can always format and reinstall, but what if you don’t want to format your computer or you have a lot of valuable data, software or other valuable digital products that you want to keep. The solution is to use software to correct the file problems by repairing the windows registry. One of the solutions you can use to achieve this is File Helper software from Blitware Inc.

This software is very popular and has been used successfully by many users; however the real power of the software can be obtained by purchasing the product. The software works by analyzing the files and their extensions on your PC and then it associate each format with the correct software to open it, it also provides direct download link for each file type.

The software license is based on the number of PC’s that will use the software. New file types are added to the server database on a regular basis unlike some traditional software, which only process a fixed list of extensions. The file helper is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Customer support is included and the software contains no adware or spyware unlike some products that use adware to market additional products. For more details and direct download link or license click on the below link:

Click here to visit File Helper’s Download Page