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book_cover_200The author of the Action Machine, Derek Franklin, states that it is the simplest system of getting things done easily. Franklin is the best selling Adobe / Macromedia press author. The sure-shot way of working effectively promises us to turn ourselves into action machines. The main intention of the author is to create more time in our hectic schedules and make more leisure time for relaxation and spending more time with our families. The system has three main key elements. They are End result or goal, Time frame or dead line and believability. The simple program helps us to achieve these by Writing what we want to do and Assigning specific times and Selecting tasks and accomplish them.
The way to follow the rule is to make lists, set timers and refer to the lists and get things done. Simple to hear but a lot complicated to actually follow. ‘That’s the reason behind the introduction of the Action Machine’, says Franklin. All we need other than the product is a list of tasks, time to get them done and fingers to click the mouse. The Action Machine makes it easy to take action too. It consists of several features that help us plan our day in less than 30 seconds and moreover discover where our time is going. With this product, we can see the day more clearly and get a much stronger sense of accomplishment.       

The bonuses that can be obtained in the package are, Action Unleashed, 3 steps to get things done, How to hit your goals, etc along with a free lifetime upgrade. The product really helps with earning more money and gives us more time to spend with our family. Self help books and management lectures could be of help instead and we could spend lesser on them too.

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